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How to Install Ubuntu Server in 6 Simple Steps

Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo:

Ubuntu team announced the release of the first short-term installment – Ubuntu 21.04 Hirsute Hippo. And it is immediately available for download including its official flavors. And in today’s article we are gonna Install Ubuntu server 21.04 using VMware Workstation.

This is a short-term release and a stepping stone for the next release. The usual Kernel updates, latest packages, and minor tweaks here and there are the most you can get.

Let’s jump right in and get this new version of Ubuntu in your computer

Downloading Ubuntu server 21.04 ISO Image:

Head over to this site to get your ISO image downloaded

Remember where it is downloaded, because we will be locating this ISO image later in the article

Downloading VMware Workstation:

Now click here to download VMware Workstation

Creating a New VM to Install Ubuntu server 21.04:

Click on Create a New Virtual Machine

Choose Typical Configuration

Click Browse and find your ISO Image to Install Ubuntu server 21.04

When you are done, click Next

Give your Machine a Fancy Name and when you are done, Click Next

Choose your disk size, not necessarily 20 GB

After that choose Store Virtual disk as a single File

Ta-Da! You have created your Virtual Machine

Hit Finish

Run Ubuntu:

Run your VM, and you must see something like this

Hit Space on Ubuntu Server

Choose your Language and hit Enter

Install Ubuntu 21.04

Select Update to the new installer

Install Ubuntu 21.04

Grab a cup of coffee until the installation finishes

Install Ubuntu 21.04

Choose Done and hit Enter

Install Ubuntu 21.04

Once again Done

Install Ubuntu 21.04

Click Continue

Install Ubuntu 21.04

Name your server, pick a username and create a password

And then, Done

Skip OpenSSH Server Installation?

Install OpenSSH Server [OPTIONAL]:

Choose Install OpenSSH server and Click Done

Install Ubuntu 21.04

The installation will take place

Install Ubuntu 21.04

Reboot Now


Install Ubuntu 21.04

Enter your Username and Password

Install Ubuntu 21.04

And there is Ubuntu 21.04

Ubuntu GUI (Desktop):

But, we also need a GUI for our Ubuntu VM, for that you can take a look at this blog

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